Proving Summary
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Central Themes
There are three central themes to this remedy. These have to do with food, injury and wealth. Although there are a variety of ways of combining these themes, I feel that to do so is beyond the scope of this writing and should wait for cured cases in the literature.

Protection From Injury
The first central theme is that of injury. injury ideas took a variety of forms during the proving. Several of the provers were injured during the proving, including one prover who broke several bones. Ecchymoses, a frequent sign of injury, were found in several provers. Images of healing also recurred throughout the proving. The feeling was that even though one was injured, the condition was fixable and repairable.

Falling was a particularly prominent form of this injury. This was a recurring theme in the dreams. Also, several provers described faintness on standing and unsteadiness on their feet with a tendency to fall.
The idea of injury was often combined with the feeling of invulnerability. The prover who broke several bones was stepping down from a ladder (four feet in the air) and she felt that in doing so she would not be injured. This also took the form for several of the provers of dreams of narrowly escaping injury. One prover described it as “Invulnerability: I think that anything and everything is possible”.

The concept of injury went beyond the mechanical level. Several provers described relationship break ups or injuries in relationship. The prover who broke several bones had just determined to break up her relationship at that time. Turquoise was described by ancient cultures “supplying the heart”.

This also expanded to injuries to structures, mainly houses. A recurring theme in the dreams was broken down houses that were in need of repair. This was coupled with the theme of repair of these structures. Injuries and repair of vehicles (cars and bicycles) was also seen.
Turquoise has historically been used as a substance when worn that would protect from injury. It was often thought to confer invulnerability to injury during battle. Its color would indicate the wearer’s health. When placed on the bridle of a horse, it was said to protect riders from falling. It also was used to protect relationships from breaking apart.

Wealth and Riches
The second major theme is that of Wealth or Riches. For centuries, turquoise has been used as a symbol of rank and power and thought to inspire leadership. It is said to be the most valuable non transparent mineral in the jewelry industry. This theme seems to be a them of gemstone remedies in general and not just for turquoise.
Related ideas to wealth were selling, exclusiveness and rarity. These recurred throughout the dreams. Another recurring theme was individual’s charging exorbitant amounts of money, which ties in with another theme of largeness. Much of what was offered to the provers in their dreams, was only offered at a price.

The idea of wealth was coupled to that of power. The feeling was that wealth connoted a degree of invulnerability. When that invulnerability was broken, it was met with feelings of injustice. One of the central dreams in the proving describes this well:

“I saw myself as if I was an actor in a movie and I was also watching the movie; it was set in rural Europe in the 1600-1700’s and I was a very rich land owner with a beautiful home and a large estate; my wife and children and I were happy there, as were the many servants and workers for I was very kind and generous to everyone; one day the estate was overrun by bandit barbarians; I don’t know what happened to all the servants and workers; my family and I had been captures by these men and were to be punished for being rich; these men were not thieves or bandits who wanted to steal from me; it seemed rather they were here to carry out a sentence or punishment as if it were a crime to be rich; in the beautiful courtyard of my home they had us bound, parents and five children; they wanted to see me suffer most of all so they took my small two year old son and hung him; each child in turn met this same fate and being restrained and bound I had the most overwhelming feeling of helplessness and injustice which was almost suffocating; nothing I said would change what these men were determined to do; all my children, my wife and myself were left hanging with hands still bound; a feeling of disbelief, mourning, foggy, unclear and detached; I was angry at the injustice and very angry that others died because of me(10).”

The other side of this power was servitude and minority status. Several provers dreamt of hobos and many provers had dreams relating to ethnic minorities. The theme of foreign and unfamiliar related to this.

Food and Appetite
The third major theme was that of food and appetite. This was the most surprising outcome of the proving. Eleven of the eighteen provers lost weight during the proving between three to twenty one pounds. This was coupled with loss of appetite and easy satiety. Interesting, the proving of turquoise by Amblka Waughters showed an obese woman who lost weight during the proving. This may prove a remedy useful for obesity. She suggests that turquoise is useful for hypothyroidism. Although it was impossible to determine this from this proving, it certainly seems to bear this out. Images of food and especially gigantic food were recurrent. An example is the following: “Play ends, critics disappear and are seen later with loaded car/tractors full of huge farm food (asparagus as big as trees), being chased by barking dogs; feeling of wonder and wanting to find the big food.

Vision and seeing was another important theme in the proving. Turquoise has been used historically to improve vision and eyesight as well as curing cataracts. Two of the provers described improvements in eyesight and several noted that they felt as though they needed to change their glasses prescription. Another aspect of this theme was that of observing and watching.

The theme of largeness was strong. This was most often coupled with the ideas of food, money and power. In a few prover this was also tied to mania and feelings of expansiveness and euphoria.

A few provers also described smallness. That which was small was described as vulnerable. This is described well in the following dream:
Tiny kittens or mice had been born and were nestled under my white wool rug; they were little living humps every few inches, barely visible; I was very concerned that with an step I might crush one; They were so small and could only be seen when they moved or hunched up a little as they slept; soft bumps under the rug; they looked so helpless and hurtable.

There was a theme regarding age (both old and young). One prover became depressed during the proving, feeling that he was no longer young and that he was too old. Another prover noted that she felt younger and in particular that her skin was less wrinkled and seemed younger. One prover described it as feeling old and young at the same time(5). With the current fad for anti-aging drugs, one wonders if this remedy may play some role.

Depression was prominent in several provers. Weight loss and lack of appetite sometimes accompanies this. Several provers described “crying like my heart was ripped out”.

Elation and Euphoria
The opposite tendency was seen in prover #1 who described both elation and euphoria. They busyness and fastidiousness seen during the proving reflects this manic energy. Turquoise has been said to induce hilarity in those who wear it. This raised the question whether this remedy may be useful in manic depression.

Water images recurred throughout the proving. It is interesting to note that the substance turquoise is made through a slow long term process of water seeping through igneous rock. This may also tie into the theme of underground and cave, as well as the theme of going slowly. A Hopi legend tells of their people dancing and rejoicing with the rains. When their tears of joy mixed with the rains and seeped into the earth, this became turquoise. The water images were often accompanied by feelings of gushing of tidal waves. Urinary symptoms were also noted during the proving. In particular, several provers noticed large amounts of urine after taking the remedy. The substance has historically been noted to be useful for the treatment of bladder problems.

Mental Characteristics
Several of the provers noted increased candor and honesty during the proving. They felt like they could more easily speak their truth. At times they were overly blunt. In the Ambika Waughters proving, Senses were more acute during the proving. This was particularly noted with smell and color. Vibrant and even neon colors were noted throughout the proving. These seemed to bring a feeling of peace, contentment and even joy. The opposite was also seen in the idea of greyness which many provers experienced. It is the color that ultimately makes turquoise valuable. Some writers describe “zat” which is a quality of certain turquoise that makes the particular stone more valuable.

Sensations noted during the proving that were most prominent included both “squeezing” and “stitching”. Several provers noted a squeezing sensation in the back of the neck/head as if being grasped by a hand. Suddenness was a general quality noted in many of the physical symptoms.

Wound Up
Another important theme was that of feeling “wound up”. This was associated with tension and stress. The opposite feeling of “unwound” was also noted. One prover described it as “I feel like a rubber band that has been unwound; sense of going more slowly; during the proving it was wound tight; now it is unwound”(7). The feeling of unwound was associated with a feeling of freedom. The substance has been noted historically for its soothing properties and has been said to increase relaxation and reduce hypertension. This may prove to be a remedy useful in the treatment of hypertension.

Physical Characteristics
The organ systems that most prominently were effected included the eye, urinary tract, skin and endocrine systems. Chest constriction and difficulty breathing were noted often accompanied by a feeling of constriction in the chest. Electrical current sensations were noted in several provers arms. Several provers reported influenza like symptoms associated with squeezing GI pain and vomiting. Acne symptoms were strong and in particular skin symptoms on and around the mouth were noted. This was reflected in the results of Ambika Wauhters proving, she noted the strengthening and improving the will and an aid in helping people verbalize what is difficult for them to say.

Chemical Analysis
The chemical analysis of the substance confirmed high amounts of phosphate, aluminum and copper. A rubric comparison analysis of turquoise to other gemstone remedies, aluminum, phosphorous an copper is found in the appendix.

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