David Farren, JD

David is a member of the litigation team at Jaburg Wilk and works in employment, antitrust, insurance coverage and commercial litigation. He has numerous years of experience representing clients ranging from small business to major corporations. One such client is a movie theater chain with theatres throughout the Southwest. As lead counsel for the client, David represented them in a both a complex and very successful antitrust litigation that spanned many years. It involved numerous federal court decisions and published opinions, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision that established new law in the Ninth Circuit regarding an antitrust standing issue. He has also been involved in numerous other complex and sometimes high-profile cases. One such case was a defamation action he filed against Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy, who, David alleged, had libeled David’s client on Liddy’s nationally syndicated radio talk show. David currently continues to represent clients in complex matters but also specializes in commercial dispute resolution and employment law. David has briefed cases for appellate court and has been successful in resolving cases through motions practice. When appropriate, he is also successful in case resolution through mediation and settlement negotiations.In addition to his legal work, David is a founding member of the Arizona State Acupuncture Board, a former member of the Arizona State Foster Care Review board and an instructor at Rio Salado Community College. He is a frequent author and speaker on legal topics.