Sialia currucoides (Mountain Bluebird)

Proving Summary

The complete proving is published as a monograph. Contact the AMCH Bookstore for more information.

Proving Organization

I have organized the data into what may be themes of the remedy. There is some caution in doing this, as it may present a partial picture of the remedy or give an interpretative analysis to the data. However with all the many symptoms that are obtained from a proving, I think it necessary for the principle investigator to provide some overall view of them, as she/he is the most familiar with them and with the proving. They are presented in no particular order. The number in parenthesis refers to prover number.

Feeling a Part Of: This theme of feeling a part of was expressed in the context of belonging to others, to the group, or to the universe. It was also expressed in a more individual way, as in something not being right, not fitting, not belonging to that particular person. This aspect manifested as dreams that did not fit (‘disjointed’ dreams, ‘when worlds collide’ dreams) and as physical symptoms that very much seemed odd, that should not belong to that particular person.

Powerful: There was a theme of being powerful and of being in control. There was also the feeling of being out of control or of being controlled by something powerful, as by an outside force or factor. There were sensations of being intruded upon, of being seizing by, or of taking possession by.
Very Particular: This idea often came through in wanting to please or help/care for others; it was very important to make sure things were chosen very carefully, or that things were checked out thoroughly, so it would be safe or be pleasing to others. It had to be just right, or it wouldn’t do. This idea of needing to be particular was also expressed just as being very special or beautiful, exquisite, very rare.
Facial Appearances/Identity
Keeping Appearances
Compromised Appearances
Tingling Sensations
All but one of these symptoms occurred shortly after taking a dose of the remedy.
Altered Senses
Heightened physical senses, or a sensitivity to the physical senses. Altered sensation expressed as itching, heaviness, dryness.

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