Homeopathic Community Research

Partnering With the Homeopathic Community

AMCH conducts practitioner-based research examining the nature and demographics of the homeopathic profession. This research has been published in leading homeopathic journals and is available on this web site.
AMCH has conducted studies of homeopathic practitioners and homeopathic patients in the United States. Over 1000 responses were received and analyzed. These studies cover many aspects of practice and patient responses. AMCH is also currently in the process of conducting a homeopathic education survey. The following surveys are available:

National Homeopathic Practitioner Surveys

We completed a National Homeopathic Survey of Homeopathic Practitioners in 2006 (National Homeopathic Practitioner Survey Results). There were 1160 participants.

This survey was repeated in 2013 (North American Homeopathic Practitioner Survey Results 2013 copy). An executive summary of the study is available as well as the complete results for the North American Homeopathic Practitioner Survey (Summary of Benchmarking the Practice of Homeopathy).

National Homeopathic Patient Surveys

We completed a National Homeopathic Survey of Homeoapthic Patients in 2007 (AMCH-Natl Home Pt Survey Results). The survey was conducted online.

We repeated this survey in 2014 (AMCH-Natl Home Pt Survey Results 2014). The Summary of Results are available here and the Complete Survey Results are available here (2014 Homeopathic Patient Survey Results – Summary).

National Homeopathic Educational Survey

We completed a National Homeoapthic Educational Survey of Homeoapthic Students, Faculty and Administrators in 2008 (National Homeopathic Educational Survey). The survey was conducted online.