Heloderma suspectum (Gila Monster)

Proving Summary

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Central Idea

The central idea of this remedy is expressed through the following: I am busy (industrious), centered (balanced) and speeding in my space but don’t bother me or I will get irritable and lunge. This idea was well expressed in the dream of prover #4 who dreamt that she was possessed by a scorpion and had to keep attacking the others who would get into her space but when left alone she felt centered and at peace.

Out of Balance

The idea of centerdness vs. being out of balance (expressed on the physical level of vertigo) seemed to come up repeatedly during the proving. A number of the provers described feelings of peace and contentment by the end of the proving relating to feeling as if they were coming into greater balance.


Three of the provers felt more social by the end of the proving. Prover #5, in particular noted a significant change from isolation and being a loner to greater socialness and calmness.


For several provers, this also took the form of connecting more to deceased relatives. Prover #1 described feeling as if she was much closer to her patients after the remedy and could see more clearly. The animal is known for its solitary habits.


Another theme was that of increased energy. This took on many forms, which ranged from apprehensiveness and anxiety to mania. Key words that provers used to describe this state included anxiety, busy, industrious, working constantly, rushed, not able to shut off the flow of ideas, insomnia and agitation.


The theme of aggression was also present. For the most part this book took the form of irritability and the need to protect one’s space. However, a number of provers had violent dreams and one prover described aggressive feelings of wanting to punch others in the jaw. The aggression and irritability seemed to be without remorse or much emotion. In general the provers noted a lack of maternal feeling with this proving.

Animal Themes

Animal themes were present throughout the proving. By the end of the exit group proving, participants predicted that the remedy was animal, which had a tail, was involved in some type of construction (burrowing) and had the potential to be aggressive. The colors red, white, black, and yellow also came out which match the colors of the lizard. The craving for eggs is also interesting in that this is the one of the foods that the lizard eats. Reptilian themes were also present involving a lack of maternal feeling, striking out and aggression.

Physical Symptoms

The physical center of the remedy seems to revolve around the upper respiratory system, nervous system and gastrointestinal system. Many of the participants developed upper respiratory symptoms. One participant also experienced a cured symptom of chronic stabbing stomach pain. Symptoms also were generally worse in the morning. Chilliness was noted by several participants (the leading keynote of this remedy prior to the proving). One prover had a dream of being in snow and woke up with intense shivering.


Remedies to confuse with Heloderma include Lacerta (lizard), Amphisbaena (lizard), Calcarea Carbonica (Chilly, desires eggs) and other snake remedies.

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