Homeopathic Proving of hA2cg

The following is excerpted from the full proving of hA2cg completed at AMCH in the Summer of 2012. The proving was sponsored by Deseret Biologicals.

What is hA2cg?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) molecule is composed of two ribbons of amino acids, Ribbon A (92 amino chain groups) and Ribbon B (145 amino chain groups) [figure 1]. In the late 1990’s scientists published and later confirmed that small amino acid chains from the hCG molecule actually are active and responsible for the biological action. Only two small pieces of each ribbon are biologically active. The extraneous amino chain groups are thought to create the potential for a fuzzy and disjointed signal that reduces the effect of the traditional hCG molecule, creating a weaker biological response. These two active amino acid chains were isolated and concentrated into hA2cg.
The two small active amino chain groups (AACG) from the larger hCG molecule are thought to create a clear, concentrated and more powerful dual-form of hCG. The two ingredients in AACG are AACG-A (containing the chain group of 25 active amino acids from Ribbon A) and AACG-B (containing the chain group of 30 active amino acids from Ribbon B).

These ingredients are thought to improve on the traditionally used hCG molecule by:

Providing a more effective version of hCG.

Extracting, concentrating, and delivering only the active, useful portions of hCG.

Triggering a more effective response from the body by relaying a focused message from two compact and precise molecules (AACG-A and AACG-B)

Eliminating the need for the body to process the clumsy and less effective traditional hCG.

Increasing the flexibility of the traditionally rigid hCG protocol and diet.
The goal is to improve overall hCG protocol success, and sending the clearest, sharpest, most focused message to the brain. Through using this formulation the effects on hCG protocols are thought to be the following:

Decrease the number of patients that experience issues related to hunger.

Reduce known side effects resulting from weak hCG signaling (weakness, energy loss, etc.)

Diminish plateaus and ineffective periods of weight loss during the protocol.

Improve successful weight maintenance dramatically.

Discussion Overview

The analysis of the results of this proving was from the raw data of the proving subjects that received verum. Results from those proving subjects that received placebo are found in Appendix F and were not included in this analysis. However, a comparison of the results of this analysis to the proving data from the proving subjects who received placebo can also be found in Appendix F. Note that examples under each theme below are not meant to be inclusive but rather, illustrative.

Choosing the Remedy

hA2cg was chosen as a remedy to further examine the healing qualities of a remedy that had not previously been proven. hA2cg has been used extensively with good results for the treatment of obesity and weight loss.

Key Themes

Protection of Children; Taking Care of Helpless
Pituitary/Progesterone Enhancement
Aggression; Promoting Testosterone Production
Weight Loss/Weight Gain
Sensitivity to Noise
Nausea and Vomiting
Gum and Tongue Irritation
Difficulty Breathing/Asthma
Back Pain
Dark Entities
Dreams of Animals, Wind
Out of Body
Anxiety/Fear that Something Will Happen
More Focused and Determined

Characteristic Symptoms

Diminished Appetite
Reduced Craving for Sweets Desire to Eat More Healthy Sweets Aggravate
Desires to Be Alone Irritability
Sensitivity to Noise Organization increased Dissociation
Flushes of Heat
Lassitude in the Morning
Desires Exercise/Better Exertion
Cramping Abdominal Pain
Burning Sensation in Mouth and Tongue Coated Tongue
Molar Pain as if Molar Teeth Coming Through Mouth, Dryness
Difficulty Breathing/Asthma
Nasal Obstruction


There were three predominant sensations experienced during the proving:
The sensation of cramping was seen in ten of the provers. It was a strong symptom in the HCG proving as well. The sensation manifested in leg cramps, stomach cramps and menstrual cramps.

Abdominal cramping; felt sexual (J).

Woke up with bad leg cramp on right; intense; I jumped out of bed because it was so painful (L).

Tingling was noted in four of the provers. This sensation was also prominent in the HCG proving. This was experienced primarily in the mouth and lower extremities.

Tingling sensation in the lower palette when took the remedy last night (M).

Shooting tingling sensation in right knee, upper interior of right knee, slight pain like a pulsing, electrical shock, tingling sensation from when I woke up (M).

Floating was an interesting sensation also perceived. Dreams of the wind were related to this.

Floating was so calming to me; love the sensation of being in calm water on a flotation device; never had this sensation before (Z)

Paucity of Symptoms

This proving was characterized by a paucity of symptoms in many of the provers. This was also noted in the HCG proving, although this proving illustrated fewer symptoms and fewer prominent themes overall than the HCG proving.

In addition, symptoms were experienced for a shorter period of time than in most other provings. In comparing this proving to other provings conducted at the American Medical College of Homeopathy, there was overall an approximate 60% reduction in symptoms of the proving participants. Many provers reported that they felt that they were taking placebo. Interestingly, this lack of symptoms was stronger in the male provers than the female provers, consistent with the hormonal effects of this remedy. It is also possible to conjecture that this medicine may be more clinically useful in women rather than men.

An explanation for this may be that this remedy is a sarcode and that sarcode remedies traditionally have fewer proving effects than non-sarcode remedies. Sarcode remedies could be thought of as producing fewer general symptoms (less robust symptoms on all levels) and more specific and focused symptoms reflecting a particular organ or organ system. This proving seemed to bear this out.
Potential Side Effects of hA2cg and HCG

There are no reported side effects of hA2cg. hCG is a natural substance produced in the body. Side effects are generally quite mild with hCG and this medication is generally considered to be well tolerated. Uncommon or rare side effects include:
General: Restlessness; Fatigue; Weakness on one side of the body; Dizziness; Weight gain
Mental: Mood changes including depression or irritability; Confusion
Head: Headache
Male: Signs of early puberty including facial hair, voice change and acne, pain and swelling of breast
Female: Multiple births in pregnancy
Stomach: Nausea and vomiting
Abdomen: Pain, pressure, swelling Rectum: Diarrhea
Bladder: Decreased urination
Chest: Pain; Shortness of Breath
Voice: Slurred
Extremities: Swelling of ankles or feet; Pain at injection site
Perspiration: Increased
Skin: Rash

Overall, there was an excellent correlation between proving symptoms and reported toxicity of this substance. Please see the Theme section for descriptions of how individual provers experienced these symptoms. Note that a few of these side effects are pubertal and all of the provers were at least 18 years old.

Reported Side Effect

Note that pubertal facial hair and pubertal voice change are listed as side effects of HCG. However, none of the provers were adolescents.

Normal Physiological Functions

In addition to toxicity, HCG is reported to demonstrate a number of physiological functions. These include:
Promotion of Fertility and Pregnancy
Pituitary and Progesterone Enhancement
Protection of Fetus During First Trimester/Local Maternal Immunotolerance
Induction of Ovulation
Promotion of Testosterone Production
Performance Enhancement
Weight Loss
These are discussed in more detail below.
Promotion of Fertility and Pregnancy

hCG is known to promote fertility and be useful in assisting women to become pregnant. None of the proving subjects were pregnant or became pregnant during the proving (participation excluded pregnant women). However, a number of the provers experienced morning sickness symptoms (4) and several experienced dreams related to pregnancy. hCG levels during pregnancy are well known to be linked to morning sickness.
Themes of babies, young animals and children were seen throughout the proving. This was often related to the need to protect them from danger. This was also seen in the HCG proving. This was described as follows in this proving:

Dream – Crack house: I talked to various people who said they were going in to rescue people there, saw a little boy whose family took him in; had red hair, blue eyes, age 5-6. I felt I had to go in there and save him so he wouldn’t get drugged up. But by the time I got inside, he had already been shot up with something and he couldn’t understand what I was saying – he said he wanted to stay. Then I woke up. Feeling of FRUSTRATION that could not succeed or save him. What could I have done differently to help him? (S).

Progesterone Enhancement

hCG enhances progesterone production. During the proving, hot flushes were noted in four of the provers. Agitation and anxiety were associated with the hot flushes. In addition, menses was noted to increase in several provers. Menstrual cramping and cure of menstrual cramping were particularly prominent.

These symptoms were also noted during the HCG proving. This is definitely a hormonal remedy and most likely will be useful in the treatment of menopausal women and those suffering from hormonal problems.


The sensation of protection of children or infants was very strong during the proving and found in 13 of the provers. The recurring theme was that the children were under attack and the parent needed to protect them. The theme was that if someone stayed calm against the external attack, that things would turn out all right.

What was new is I could go back and remain positive. The garage broke my windshield and I would usually be upset but I wasn’t. I felt like it was meant to be. Like it was protecting me from something else I felt strongly (Z).

I felt like I was sitting forward with my arms protecting my heart. I was sitting hunched forward and my arms felt locked, I noticed myself changing positions and feeling super awkward and it was with a close friend that I feel comfortable with. I didn’t feel very hungry (Z).

Dream – I was responsible for not seeing a baby at the bottom of swim pool during swim lessons I was instructing; the baby was found at the end of the session and was determined to have been there for days; the family had been looking for her; feelings of dread and misery (T).

Promoting Testosterone Production

Many provers noted increase irritability (10 provers) and aggression (3 provers). Irritability related to noise was particularly prominent and was associated with a desire to be left alone.

Wanting to be alone and bothered by voices or anyone talking; feeling irritable and sensitive to being asked to do something; wanting to be quiet and alone; noise and bright lights are bothering me (J).

More irritated in this proving; more put upon; feeling expected and assumed that I will do these tasks; a little upsetting; going on for so long I feel argumentative with my Father. He usually teases and I’m not in a joking mood. Usually we screw around, but I wasn’t in a mood to joke around; needed more space; music bothered me; I tried to leave when this happened and be by myself; wanting to isolate but also needing to accomplish a lot (L).

Change in Weight

hCG is associated with both weight gain (side effect) and weight loss when associated with dieting (therapeutic usage of HCG). In the proving, weight gain and loss was a theme for several of the participants. 13 provers lost weight and 7 provers gained weight. The maximum weight loss was 7.1 pounds in one month. It is possible that if the remedy was continued on a more regular basis, that the weight loss would have been considerably more. Loss of appetite was strong in many of the participants (9 of the provers). Provers were more aware of their relationship with food.

Lack of appetite; lost six pounds; I had been trying to lose weight for over a year unsuccessfully; easy satiety (C).

No appetite and losing weight; lost 10 pounds; I had eliminated wheat and sugar because I no longer craved them; some days when I had no appetite and that made it easier; that was lower throughout the day; some days I had to make myself eat; through the first two weeks I did not eat anything (Q).

Five of the provers described that they wanted to eat more healthily during the proving (less carbohydrates, less sugar and less soda).

Desires juices and healthier food (M).

Making dietary changes and trying to stop sugar; craving more healthy food including salads (S).

Desires juices, more healthy food and less junk; aversion to sodas; like my taste buds were affected (T).

One prover described a decreased craving for tobacco (O).

Two provers described general aggravation from eating sweets.

Mental Characteristics

There was a distinct sensitivity to noise noted in several provers (4). This produced a feeling of irritability and was particularly strong with voices. This was also seen in the HCG proving.

Wanting to be alone and bothered by voices or anyone talking; feeling irritable and sensitive to being asked to do something; wanting to be quiet and alone; noise and bright lights are bothering me (J).

Sensitive to noise, especially people grunting and making noise at gym; this irritated me and was annoying; music was driving me crazy; caused a pounding headache (O).

Fogginess, difficulty concentrating and confusion was seen in many provers (12). Confusion is a reported side effect to the HCG medication.
Dream – I woke up and all the clocks said it was the afternoon but the sun was not up and I was confused how it could be so late; I was wandering around my house trying to figure out what was going on; I looked at my window and it looked like there had been a big explosion in my neighbor’s backyard as there was a huge hole and most of his fence was destroyed; felt uneasy and confused (A).

I feel like I don’t have a good focus, I’m interested in many things and I do something for a while but I can’t stick with one thing for long (B).

The opposite of this was seen in many of the provers being more focused and determined in 5 provers.
Getting a lot done at work; Was able to focus more on tasks, sometimes I space out, but I didn’t today. I was very aware of what I was doing. Able to handle a ton of info at once and put it where it needed to go (L).

Greater clarity with writing; more productive (N)

I feel more focused on work, going to the gym, and with more things to improve myself instead of being like I just want to go party instead. I feel more mature and responsible and focused on doing the more adult thing like improving myself in my career and health. I have been thinking more about what I want to do in the future and feeling more certain about it. It’s the feeling of taking more control, actively doing things to improve me overall, my overall well-being (O).

Very determined; Clear, determined, clear focus, very busy (S).

Mental restlessness is a reported side effect of the HCG medication. This was noted in five of the provers and seen in the HCG proving.
Restless; mental anguish; I felt more myself when I was doing things (J).

I am recently retired and have anxiety about what I should be doing because I am not working; the restlessness improved and was able to accomplish more with the remedy; more able to direct myself towards goals; that is big (T).

Isolation and a desire to be alone were strong in the proving. This was present in the HCG proving. Company produced a feeling of irritability. Noise also compounded the problem.

Wanting to be alone and bothered by voices or anyone talking; feeling irritable and sensitive to being asked to do something; wanting to be quiet and alone; noise and bright lights are bothering me (J).

Want to be alone; Very positive during work but irritated after work. Too much social interaction for one day. Just wanted to be left alone (L).

Dark entities were noted by several provers. Most prominently this was seen in one prover, right after taking the remedy, who woke frightened and had a hallucination of bats in her room(C).

Had a dream less than an hour after taking the remedy and it woke me up in the middle of the night. It was the first night that I slept in my roommate’s bedroom so could have had something to do with the dream. In the dream, this woman was explaining how to keep track of something, some kind of way to figure out a number and you had to divide it by something, then there was a warehouse building and there were other people sitting in chairs listening to her explain that and there was this other woman who said, “Did you hear that?” I wrote down what I was thinking right when I woke up. This woman said it sounds like someone or something is blessing and then I started to feel something powerful and passed out in the dream and ended up falling into one of the ladies’ arms. I woke up after that. I had goose bumps after I woke up, had this weird feeling like someone was saying an evil curse or chant and I think that was what made me pass out. It was scary. I woke up scared that a spirit entered my dream. I felt scared and nervous. I felt like I had a chill too when I work up with the goose bumps. I don’t usually wake in the middle of the night. I woke up at 1:22 am. What stood out in the dream was the thought that someone was trying to put a curse on me or someone. It felt evil. It seemed so real that I wasn’t aware that it was a dream when I was dreaming it. I was a little creeped out and because I was sleeping in my roommate’s room I was hoping there was not ghost or evil spirits in the room. And when I woke up for the morning I saw a little black-winged thing flying around the room. It was about 16 inches, flying up at the ceiling, it had bat wings. I saw it, then it went away and then I saw it again. I woke up with goose bumps then seeing this thing flying around the room was creepy. Now I sound like a crazy person seeing things flying overhead (B).

Dissociation was seen in three provers. This was described as feeling out of body. Felt out of the body and not real (J).
Suspiciousness was seen in four provers, primarily in their dreams.

Feeling on guard and a bit paranoid; like I am a security guard (J).

Organization was strong in five provers.

Wanting to become organized and simplify; began sorting through my clothes, starting with drawers (M).

I felt organized I drove 13 hours straight. I got out the car at a rest stop and I ran laps around a rest stop. Able to absorb material from audio books. (Drank coffee on the way) (Z).

Emotional Characteristics

The strongest emotion noted during the proving was irritability. This was seen in 9 of the provers. This is also noted as a side effect of the HCG medication and seen in the HCG proving. Provers wanted to be alone when experiencing the irritability.

Wanting to be alone and bothered by voices or anyone talking; feeling irritable and sensitive to being asked to do something; wanting to be quiet and alone; noise and bright lights are bothering me (J).

More irritated in this proving; more put upon; feeling expected and assumed that I will do these tasks; a little upsetting; going on for so long I feel argumentative with my Father. He usually teases and I’m not in a joking mood. Usually we screw around, but I wasn’t in a mood to joke around; needed more space; music bothered me; I tried to leave when this happened and be by myself; wanting to isolate but also needing to accomplish a lot (L).

Anxiety was seen in twelve of the provers. There was a feeling that something bad might happen. This was associated with hot flushes and felt mostly in the stomach. Anxious dreams were also noted.
Anxious dreams; running late; forgetting something; something happened to someone in my family; left me feeling unsettled; predominant theme throughout (A).
Cured Symptom: Usually suffer from anxiety; dating my girlfriend makes me nervous; this was better over the month; felt a little more confident; that was true; usually I am nervous talking to people; I am more open and can speak more; maybe 50% improved (C).
Very apprehensive and irritable; felt on edge; felt like something was about to happen (N).
Sadness was also noted in one of the provers and is a side effect described for the HCG medication. It was also seen in the HCG proving.
General Characteristics

Lassitude or fatigue was a general characteristic and was seen in 9 of the provers.

This was strongest in the morning and found in six of the nine. This was seen in the HCG proving and is consistent with the known side effects of the substance.

Temperature sensitivity tended to be hot. Three of the provers struggled with aggravations from heat. This was also seen in the HCG proving. In addition, four of the provers experienced hot flushes. This was experienced by two as recurrence of menopausal hot flushes. Sensations of tingling and cramping were noted by many provers.

Many provers experienced dryness (10). This was also seen in the HCG proving. It was most prominent in the mouth. This also occurred in the nose, on the skin, in the eyes, in the cough and in the lower extremities.

Cured Symptom: Skin less dry (T).
Dry mouth and throat; dry nose; cotton mouth; like the old days when I drank alcohol; empty feeling (B).
The remedy was right sided (50% more prevalent overall).
Food cravings consisted in Sweets (7), Healthy food (3), Chocolate (2), Salt (2), Refreshing things (2), Chicken (1), Farinaceous (1), Fruit (1), Ice Cream (1), Meat (1).

Food aversion to carbonated drinks was noted in two provers and to farinaceous in one prover. Aggravation to sweets was noted in four provers. Desires for cold drinks and cold food were noted.
There was a general tendency to affect the muscles with symptoms of cramping, tension, aching and a sensation of having overused them. Fibromyalgia was improved in one prover. This was also seen in the HCG proving.


There is insufficient information from this proving to make a determination of miasm. Further clinical correlation will be needed.

Physical Characteristics

Of all the physical areas affected, stomach and mouth symptoms were the most prominent.
Vertigo is a side effect of the HCG medication and was noted in four of the provers. This was associated with aggravations from bending over and in the morning.
Headaches are a side effect of the HCG medication and were noted in seven of the provers. These were also noted in the HCG proving. These were predominantly frontal, especially above the eyes or in the root of the nose.

Nasal symptoms were variable, seen in nine of the provers and associated with dryness (4), congestion (7), irritation (2), tingling (2), obstruction (5) and sinus problems (3). This was also seen in the HCG proving.

Mouth symptoms were prominent in the proving. Three provers noted burnt sensation in the mouth and three provers a coated tongue. Mouth and throat dryness were prominent. The burnt sensation was noted particularly on the tip of the tongue. Gum sensitivity was noted in three provers.

Teeth symptoms were also strong. Pain as if molar teeth were pushing through and teeth crumbling was noted (this was also seen in the HCG proving). Teeth pain was aggravated from eating sweets. One prover noted more plaque build up.

Signs of early puberty including facial hair, voice changes, acne and swelling of breasts are reported as side effects of the HCG medication. This was not experienced directly in the proving because all of our provers were over 21 years of age. However, two of the provers described acne breakout with the remedy.

Nausea in eight of the provers was noted above and was related to morning sickness as the nausea was worse in the morning. This was also seen in the HCG proving. Loss of appetite was seen in seven of the provers. Nausea and vomiting is a reported side effect of the HCG medication. Vomiting was associated in three of the provers. Gagging was also associated with coughing.

Abdominal pain, pressure and swelling is a reported side effect of the HCG medication. This was seen in the weight loss of the provers and associated with cramping pains and diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a reported side effect of the HCG medication and was seen in five of the provers. This was accompanied by urging in two provers.
Chest pain and shortness of breath are reported side effects of the HCG. Chest pain was only see in one prover in the ribs. Asthma and difficulty breathing were seen in four provers. Cough was deep, violent and dry.

This was associated with sensations of tightness, oppression and wheezing.

Increased perspiration is described as a side effect of HCG medication. One prover noted this symptom. This was especially found on the face and feet.

Sleeplessness was a symptom and observed in six of the provers. This was a strong symptom in the HCG proving. Sleeplessness was also noted to be a side effect of the HCG medication. Problems with falling asleep, light sleep and restless sleep were the most common symptom.

Skin rashes are described as side effects of HCG medication. Eczema-like eruptions were noted in several of the provers. Boils were seen in two provers and skin dryness in three provers. One prover had severe itching for three weeks and would scratch until she bled.

Animal Kingdom

Symptoms were noted during the proving consistent with a homeopathic remedy from the Animal Kingdom. Animal themes included the following:
Nurturing and Protection of Young
Survival (Death and Dying)
In addition, there were many dreams of animals (9), particularly felines and water animals. This included protection of children from animals. Animals included Bat, Insect, Pig, Bull, Bear, Cats (2), Dolphin, Dogs (4), Yeti and Mouse.


hA2cg can be compared to the following remedies:
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Lac humanum
Lac maternum
Pituitaria glandula
Pituitaria glandula anterior
Pituitaria glandula posterior
Recommendations for Clinical Usage

The successful usage of HCG in weight loss is well-known and well studied over the last fifty years. The usage of this remedy appears to be effective for this purpose, although this was not a clinical trial. Compared to the remedy HCG, it appears that hA2cg is more specific and targeted as a remedy, with fewer side effects and more specifically focused at weight loss.

This remedy appeared to have stronger effects in women then in men and may be more clinically useful in this population. In particular the remedy seems to be useful for menopausal women and those women with hormonal issues.

The remedy appears to have a strong connection to the thyroid gland. It may prove useful in the treatment of thyroid conditions. Hair loss was seen in one prover during the proving. In addition, there is some evidence that it may prove useful in the treatment of attention deficit disorder. It appears to be a useful remedy for both sinusitis and dental problems.