Giving Tuesday on December 1st, 2020

Today is a great time to make a positive impact on others’ lives!

With all that is going on around the world, today is that time when like-minded people come together from all over the world to celebrate generosity and make an impact.

Help us save the life of a first responder or a veteran who is depressed and anxious!

Help someone stay off drugs!

Please consider supporting our foundation!

Our mission is to transfer lives through education, practice, and research of integrative and traditional medicines. It has never been so important as this time to rely on these more natural and holistic modalities.


This year we have been able to offer:

· Auricular (ear) acupuncture clinics to our First Responders and Veterans and those suffering from: PTSD, Stress, Insomnia, Addiction Recovery and Anger management support. Drop-In and Reserved Seating on Tuesdays and Fridays…only 20-30 minutes of this proven treatment has an amazing effect on the mind, body and spirit!

· Treatment and prevention of addictions including opioids

· Free telemedicine consultations and traditional herbal and homeopathic remedies for others, including for the Navajo Nation, for chronic and acute conditions, including flu symptoms

· Development (ongoing) of research using traditional and integrative medicine for the current pandemic


Our greatest resource is our community and because of you and other like-minded people, we are successful in our work in transforming lives through the education, research, and practice of integrated and traditional medicines.

We would like to keep the momentum going and continue providing treatments, research, and education in these medicines, with a particular focus on those who need it the most.

The time is now, and we have no time to waste!

Please join us in this global celebration of giving and consider making a contribution today! Each contribution, no matter the amount, will have an impact!

Thank you for your support!